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Every school wants to know how to improve their IT and that's the information we give to you. In the UK schools waste £450 million a year on unnecessary technology.   Our job is too stop you contributing to that statistic.

A few things that we provide:

- Independent hardware advice 

- Help to meet Ofsted requirements

- E-safety training for staff and pupils

- Evaluation of current infrastructure

We aim to make schools into exciting and creative places to learn. We reduce your workload by working in school with both staff and pupils.

IT Consultancy

We primarily support the Google G Suite and are certified Google Partners for Education. Our advice takes account of the teaching environment and the outcomes teachers wish to achieve. Google's G Suite is provided free to educational establishments as part of their social responsibility programme.

Support is provided for schools transitioning to the cloud in order to make the process as seamless as possible.

Educational software and cloud support

Hardware as a service

IT equipment is provided to the client with no upfront cost, therefore allowing schools to spread the upfront cost. Payment for the equipment is recovered over a 36 month term. Support is then bundled with the equipment cost so anything supplied is fully supported for the period.

There is no supplier mark-up on the price quoted via the process. Provision of equipment and support are integrated, so you can’t have one without the other.

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