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Magicka are unlike most companies you have worked with. We approach ICT support in schools from a unique perspective. In fact we know of no other company that delivers support in the way we do.

We are an “Educational Consultancy Company” that happens to also do ICT. We operate “as if” we were members of staff and take full ownership of all things technical whilst looking at the delivery of technical services from a curriculum first approach. We anticipate the future needs of schools and tailor our delivery based upon these.

We aim to run a cloud based school utilising the Google Suite as we believe it offers not only the most powerful tools for the classroom but it also scores highly in terms of usability.


Making technology

Why use Chromebooks?

Managing director

Steve Kemsley

"Magicka's ethos is based around the simple and transparent delivery of ICT. Our ability to stay ahead of the curve allows us to anticipate the future needs of our customers. We are always testing new technologies before they come to mainstream schools. This allows us to provide protection from any new legislation or changes".

We achieve making technology simple by working with these great people.

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