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ICT with a cloudy spin, servers, non main stream

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Industrial WIFI

Upgrade your wifi with the only vendor that understands thoughput. Xirrus, maximise you schools wifi bandwidth with a free Xirrus wireless survey and no obligation quotation.

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Server / Desktop Virtualisation

Deliver Windows and Linux desktop to your Chromebooks and tablets via the web using only HTML5 and no plugins, Magicka are partners with Ericom to deliver high performance terminal services via the web, take it for a spin here: Ericom Connect Demo and get a discount by quoting MGKA on your enquiry to either us or Ericom direct.

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Serverless Schools

Take the headache out of managing complex hardware when you "Go Google" reduce your server needs down to the bare minimum by using Google Apps for Education and begin to deliver the curriculum without the handcuffs of legacy equipment.

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By Recommendation only

We only work with modern forward thinking schools, if you want to be run of the mill, same as everybody else then Magicka are not the Education partner for you, but if you want to push the envelope and offer your staff and students a better way to learn and interact with technology you are in the right place.

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